Summer break and year 2 plan

Having reached the end of the first year of the Narrative lectionary, there is now a summer break before year 2 begins in September.

You might find this break in the lectionary cycle is a good time to preach a series of sermons on a particular topic (e.g. discipleship or the Lord’s Prayer) or to cover one of the shorter books of the Bible (e.g. the shorter epistles or some of the Psalms).

Year 2 starts in September and this year has a particular focus on the Gospel of Mark. Once again the aim is to preach the full breadth and depth of the Bible and so the lectionary starts in the Old Testament and builds towards the coming of Jesus. After Christmas it follows Christ’s life using the gospel of Mark as the main text, culminating in the passion. After Easter the biblical story continues using the book of Acts and the epistles to cover the the early church with the lectionary year ending once again at Pentecost.

To help you plan and prepare you can access as schedule of the whole of year 2 here.

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